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Frequently Asked Questions...

  1. What is a Social Media Manager?

      A Social Media Manager operates your social              media platforms, engages with your customers          online, creates valuable and compelling                      content to share with your followers, devises              strategies to grow and drive leads and revenue          to your business. Depending on your                          needs,this can be someone you hire full-time            or outsource to someone like me.

  2. How did you begin your career?

      I worked as part of a start-up taking                           ownership of their social media, and quickly               realised I had a flair and a passion for engaging         online content and connection. I decided to               invest in myself and begin a career as a self-             employed Social Media Manager and Digital               Strategist.

  3. What is SEO - and what does it mean for my              business?

      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.                This ultimately means making sure that all                   online content for your business uses powerful         and relevant keywords specific to you business         and target audience. It is a valuable skill and             really brings home the fact that Digital                       Marketing is an art and a science. Your content           must be creative and compelling to your                     reader, but it means nothing it isn't optimised             for search!

  1. Do I need to outsource my social media or can I do it myself?

      Indeed, you could, and very well may, manage          your own social media platforms. Ultimately, it          comes down to timegrowth, and ROI.

      Would the time you spend posting, thinking of          content, researching digital marketing                        techniques and engaging with customers on              social, be better spent actually working on                your business, or even spending time at                      home with your loved ones?

      Do you think what you are doing now will lead          to the growth of your business and online                  presence in a real and sustainable way?

      And lastly, are your online efforts giving you a            noticeable Return on Investment?

   4.​What is an Social Media Audit?

      A social media audit is an in depth review of             your current social media platforms and online         presence. It's purpose is to identify your                     weaknesses, and offer meaningful solutions to           increase growth and drive traffic to increase               your leads.

      I currently perform one-off Audits at €99. This           includes the overall audit and a strategy and             content creation plan. Get in touch here!

     5. I can't hire someone right now - what can I               do?

      Don't worry! If you aren't in a position to hire or          outsource right at this minute, I am always                  updating my blog here, and my newsletter                Telling Stories comes out every Monday detailing          social media strategy, trends, content ideas,              and a neccessary injection of humour! You can           sign up here.

      You can also connect with me on Instagram,              Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest!

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